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AutoCross-Laser 3C

Part-No.:: 031.212A

AutoCross-Laser 3C RX
including carrying case

+ universal mount
+ tripod adapter
+ batteries

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Product Description

A crossline laser with 3 laser lines, additional plumb laser

This unit produces 3 very visible laser lines which make it outstanding for the alignment of tiles, wall studding, windows, doors, etc.
Automatic Level: automatic alignment by virtue of a magnetic pendulum system.
The 2 vertical lines are aligned at right angles to one another.
A simple, precise plumb function is afforded by the additional plumb laser at the bottom and the laser cross at the top.
Individually switchable laser lines.
Out-Off-Level: is indicated by optical signals when the unit is outside its self-levelling range.
The (optional) RX laser receiver detects the laser lines in any ambient light up to a max. of 50 m radius
ideal for all interior and exterior applications.
The pivoted housing can be turned with a vernier adjustment mechanism to permit exact positioning of laser lines.
Illuminated spirit level and height-adjustable feet for preliminary adjustment of the unit.
The removable rubber caps on the adjustable feet prevent the device slipping on smooth sur- faces.
Transport lock: A pendelum lock protects unit during transport.
Simple, uniform operating techniques.


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